Born To An Audience By PJ Powers

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In 2018 P.J. Powers wrote “Born to an audience” based on my life story, which I hope will bring some healing to others or at least give them a little hope. 

This song also reminds me to take heed of who I choose as my audience from one day to the next: the partner I’ve chosen, the people with whom I surround myself, the media I consume, the businesses I partner with.

“Born to an Audience” means the world to me and I am delighted to share it with you.

All proceeds will go to the YELLOW FOR SURVIVORS NPC which assists organizations helping survivors of gender based violence. 

Message from Leilani:
"I am Leilani Kuter and I have lived a life that most people can only dream of. I don't say this because I was born to great wealth or because I had countless advantages that propelled me to greatness; I say this because the life I've lived up until now has taught me how to turn hurdles into stepping stones, how to depend on and nurture myself and that there is always hope, no matter how dire your circumstances may seem."