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Leilani’s Long Walk: Five organisations benefit from Leilani’s 27 'Day Walk for Rape Survivors.

South Africans have had enough of sexual violence against women and children. Women and men have marched against the unacceptably high rates of rape, sexual abuse, murder in Cape Town and Sandton, as official Police stats show that over the past year, an average of 114 rapes has been reported every day. This, as Stats SA found that only 1 in 9 rapes are reported in South Africa. A more accurate reflection of the rape reality in the country, therefore, is that on average 1026 rapes are committed every day in South Africa - that's 42 every hour. President Cyril has responded by calling a joint sitting of Parliament today (18 September) to discuss the issues and solutions.

Last month, Good Morning Angels introduced you to Leilani Kuter, a 45-year old rape survivor. Leilani’s mission: to walk 27 kilometres for 27 days in five provinces, to give a voice to rape survivors - but also to raise funds for those who assist victims of this all too every-day crime in South Africa. It was also a way for Leilani to put purpose to her journey of overcoming her ordeal - after she was raped and left for dead 27 years ago. Like in so many instances, Leilani’s rapist was never arrested or brought to justice.

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